Knock-Knock Jokes Written by the Three-Year-Old I Babysit



Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Tall tall building!

Tall tall building who?

I’m just a building. I don’t even have any name. I think I will just sit still.


Knock Knock!

Who’s there?

Poop poop toilet.

Poop poop toilet who?




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The Magician and the Snake: Mike and Katie Mignola (2003).

In honor of the Hallow E’en, he’s some Mike Mignola for you all. Well, in truth, the story was by his daughter, Katie. She won an Eisner for Best Short Story for it, too, making her by far the youngest recipient of the award. Runs in the family, it seems. Here’s an interview with the then-7-year-old on the Dark Horse website/blog:

"I don’t remember much about how I came up with the story other than that I painted a picture of a snake yelling at a bunch of shapes. I didn’t put any more thought into it until my dad asked me what I did at school that day and I told him about the picture. I made up the entire story on the spot and my dad said that he would like to use it in a comic. Over the course of a few months my dad drew the story, changing small details as he went such as the monkey king, which wasn’t in my original story. There were a few things that I wouldn’t let him change such as the magician’s style (he wanted him to be a parlor magician and I wanted a classic stars and moons magician) and the death of the magician. My dad suggested that the magician turn the snake into a lion so that he could eat the shapes and save the magician but I, for some reason, said that the magician had to die at the end."

Beautiful story, beautiful artwork.


This is the best comic I ever read

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Namco High: Cousin designs

As you might know, ShiftyLook is shutting down later this year and as a result, today is the last day to purchase Namco High.  While I still have a chance, I wanted to talk a little bit about my designs for the game!

Cousin’s appearance was probably the most important design made for the game.  They were also the only character that was created for Namco High; everyone else (excluding a few incidental background characters) was a pre-existing property character.

One of the direct orders I received was that Cousin’s Katamari antenna needed to end in a heart.  So I just played into that theme in spades (or hearts. uh).  Heart-shaped head (the v-neck sweater implies the bottom of the heart shape), heart insignia on the sweater, head and body in shades of red and pink.

Everyone who plays Namco High would need to be able to project themselves onto this avatar.  Cousin has no canon gender, orientation, or race; the player is able to decide all those things for themselves.  As such, I made certain that their design was as imprintable as possible; nondescript sexual and gender signifiers, and a non-human skintone.

The game is available to purchase for $7.50 until the end of March 28th.

Working on this game was a great experience, I remember being really excited when Yuko’s concept sketches started coming in. Please check out our game while there’s still time!

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Let’s Draw: Lady Knights

Compiled them all into a photoset. The prompts, respectively:1) Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine
2) Bow, Petite, Honest, Spanish, Boar
3) Staff, Skinny, Evil, Aztec, Insectoid
4) Mace, Bulky, Mischievous, Russian, Big Cat
5) Axe, Short, Glum, Japanese, Snake
6) Sword, Athletic, Bashful, Roman, Bird of Prey
7) Shield, Perky, Plump, English, Rabbit

Another fun exercise! At the moment I’m thinking up another prompt to try. Hopefully it’ll be just as interesting!

I love these so much. Great examples of diverse female designs in a genre in which it’s sorely lacking.

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Viral Video Alert: Dogs React to Magic

In this cute and quite hilarious video a Nordic magician uses his skills to make a ordinary dog treat disappear. How do the dogs feel about that? Watch and see.

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Now You Know why you should never release 1.5 million balloons at once. (Source)

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